Monday, November 8, 2010

Boo Yah!

I cannot believe I forgot to post this! So much happening right now that I don't have time to update, but at least I can push this out of the "edit" box.

So Hallowe'en turned out to be a blast! (and unlike Election Day, I mean that in a good way). The last tie I had so much fun on this holiday....well, lets just say a bunch of people were still alive who aren't any more (and that is not a vampire joke!) It seemed like the whole town turned out, and a surprising amount of people form up and down the road so I guess Gene's flyer blitz worked. We started early so that people could bring their kids, so you would think it would have been over by 8 but everyone was so up for a fun time that we made it happen and it was past 10 before we agreed to call it a night. Pretty good for a sleepy down on a school night! And also a great way to get people thinking of REU as a good place to come. I think this was one of the smartest marketing things those kids could have done. I'm starting to feel way better about their prospects for making a go of it.

They decided to go the Alice route, because it's so hot this year that everyone would get it. They filled the place with giant roses and playing cards and, my favorite, a huge mushroom that held the baby's bassinet (and cute was that little caterpillar suit Pomona made for him?!) Lots of tarts, of course, and platters of tea sandwiches, and tureens of "mock turtle soup" that was really some kind of chicken with oyster crackers (of course!) and was poured into teacups. The license came through on Thursday, but the stuck to the fruit punch -- which was excellent, btw, and much smarter considering it was a family open house, really. There was a little "haunted house" corner set up for the kids with cobwebs and the bowls of spaghetti and peeled grapes and all that other usual stuff. Jenn did some juggling (you never know what people know how to do), with "skulls and bones", and Alec gave a pumpkin carving demo that was pretty amazing. We had apple bobbing, danced the Time Warp and the Monster Mash, and even played "Alice croquet" (Gene supplied the plastic flamingos to use as mallets), which was a riot. One of the hippies from the trailer park had a fortune telling table. She told me she saw Janis' overdose in her palm at Woodstock -- and no, I'm not telling what she saw in mine!

I’m reading this back and it doesn’t sound like much, but for whatever reason, it was just a really good time. Yay for all of us!

If you're wondering, I would up going as Christine O'Donnell. I wore a long black dress, a wig and I got a witches hat and hung tea bags from the brim. Well, it was clever for Arahmpett! And it was comfortable, which counts for a lot I think. I always remember the 6th grade, when I went as Lucy Van Pelt in her "the doctor is in" booth, which I made out of an appliance box and some oaktag. It looked pretty good, but I couldn't sit down all night. Never made that mistake again!