Saturday, April 4, 2009

Too much excitement!

Some interesting things happened this week. Like things actually happened.

Tuesday, I had a call from the lawyers. Looks like there are some people who aren’t hurting from all that’s happening with the economy, because they sold the apartment. I shouldn’t say that until the closing, but someone that the Board was okay with made an offer and it’s been accepted. It’s a lot less than Gary would have thought, that’s for sure. But, according to Don, it was the top anyone was hoping for. They bought a lot of the furniture, too. If it was anything I cared for, I’d be sad. Don also said that while they were going over the inventory, they found some things that have no resale value that’ll be boxed up and sent to me. I told him that if it’s pictures of Gary and his kids, he should have them sent to the boys because I sure as hell don’t want them, but he said he already knew that and that’s not what it is. I guess it’ll be like Christmas in April then, right?

With that and the art going back to Christies and the cars all being leased anyway, things are getting cleaned up. They’re still negotiating to try and to get buyers for Tahoe and the beach without them going to repo, at least that’s what I think Don was saying. I get confused by it all. It seems to me that if Gary was broke and in hock up to his eyeballs, everything goes back to the banks, but the way I hear it, the banks can’t afford it. And if the lawyers can pull it off, there may be a few thousand that ends up coming back to me somehow, which would be amazing.

That was the first thing that happened. Then yesterday, Maggs called from LA. Ken wants a divorce. Out of nowhere, she says, though is it really ever out of nowhere? There must have been signs she wasn’t reading. Or maybe he lost a packet this year and started thinking, California being such a big community property state, that this is the perfect opportunity to get free on the cheap. I never trusted Ken. Sure he produces posh films now, but he used to be an agent. Whatever. Suddenly he “needs to be single,” no negotiations, that’s that. Maggs was more hysterical than I would have expected. It’s not like it was this great love match on either side. It’s the shock, I guess. Anyway, she wants to get out of town. So of course I said she could come here, never thinking she’d say yes. But she wants to be somewhere that the paparazzi won’t find her. She jumped at it. She’s got some fundraiser she has to do next week, but Easter Sunday she’s getting on a plane. That gives me a week to turn my old bedroom into a guest room.

Too much excitement!

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