Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back on the horse

Okay, Jeff? You happy now??

I know you thought that if you gave me the 3-a-day homework, it would keep me going. But what happened was that I had a few days where there just weren’t 3 good things, no matter how hard I tried to find them. Some days the best I can do are find a couple of things that could have been worse, but that wouldn’t be the happy thoughts make happy people exercise you were getting at. So I skipped. And kept skipping, because the more days I skipped, the easier it got. I’m willing to try blogging again, but this time, no rules. I promise that I’m not sleeping the days away, if that’s what you were worried about. But I think it’s kinda stupid to write just to write. Even though I read a lot of blogs and twitters and such that seem to be doing that. I guess some people really do feel better doing that.

Fast catchup. Since the last time I was on, I finished painting the bathroom and put in a few more things to make it look more spa-ish. Like a seashell windchime someone once gave me for the beach house that I put in a box out here because it didn’t really go with the way we’d done it up, which was very minimalist, the way Gary thought “the best people” did things. I guess he never saw the kinds of over the top almost Victorian things some of the Park Avenue decorators used to deliver. Erich knew a lot of people with old money and floor-through apartments like that. Long story short, the bathroom looks good and the best part of the day for a lot of days is taking a soak at night. I think maybe I want to learn how to make candles.

I started doing Pilates again. Just floor exercises, because I don’t have a reformer. I used to use one at the gym. Since the weather keeps going from nice to freezing every other day, having an indoor thing was good. I’d like to do yoga, which I haven’t done in years, but I’m a little afraid. Yoga makes me think.

And now I’m going through all my sweaters and washing a few of them at a time, by hand. I’ve got a lot of them, I’m embarrassed to say. But that’s good; I won’t need to shop every again, not if I’m honest about “needing.” What takes time, especially when it’s damp, is that I’m drying them on towels, the way Ronnie’s mom taught us when we were kids. Where you put them flat, then fold and roll to gently squeeze the water out, and then put them flat on another dry one for as long as it takes to dry. Ronnie was my best friend growing up, and after my mom lost it, her mom was really there for me. I never really got to thank her the way I should have.

Oh, and btw, Jeff.  So Mr. Obsessive, how come you never noticed my profile still says I live in NYC?  I'm going to fix it now.  :) 

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  1. Still reading this. Was way behind but just read 5 posts so all caught up. Still loving it. Love the towel drying bit - my mom did same!