Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too Tired!

Sorry Jeff! My arms feel like rubber bands. I could hardly heat up a can of soup for dinner. I’ll write this fast, and then I’m having a cognac and getting into bed.

The sky looked really blue, so I decided to shovel a real path. A lot melted since yesterday, starting where I walked. There were these little pools of water in my footprints, and the melty part spread out from each of them. That meant what I was shoveling was really slush. It was like spooning my way through an endless slushy. But I made a path wide enough to roll a suitcase all the way to the curb. Not that I’m going anywhere or anyone’s coming here, but that seemed like the right size to make a path. It felt good to get it done, like I was a real householder getting my property in shape. So I guess that’s good thing #1 for today.

For some reason, the sun and working in the cold got me energized. I had the last of my bbq for brunch (don’t make a face! I never got who made the rules about what to eat when). And then I got to work on the bathroom walls. And after working on that for eight hours straight, I got almost all of it off. Which is good thing #2. Just some clingy bits left, that need to be sponged down with boiling water til I can scrape them off. Good thing #3 is that they didn’t paper the ceiling, because I’d never be able to peel that off by myself.

That’s it. I’m off

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