Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Yay, the kids got their liquor license for REU!! Or at least they will definitely have it by November 1. So Hallowe’en will be fruit punch, which is probably a good thing really, but Thanksgiving will be as gala as they want it to be. Ed and Leonie are going to do their holiday there, too. I still don’t know if Jeff’ll make it, but Leonie’s got family coming over from France, so we’ll have a big long table and all dress up, and it will be elegant and lovely and a real celebration!

Meanwhile, coming up a lot sooner, I still can’t figure out who I want to be for Hallowe’en. Gene says he could turn me into Courtney Love in a heartbeat, but I don’t know, I’m not really up for doing anything to do with music. Maggs said I should go as a trophy wife, which was funny but more than a little bitchy, I thought. She and Ken get to go to this very old Hollywood bash to raise money for typhoon victims. I was a little pissed about the trophy wives crack so I pretended I thought she said “tycoon victims” and told her we’d appreciate the help very much. Well, I thought it was funny J Anyway, they all go to some Hollywood costume place and spend more on renting something they’ll wear for one night than most people spend on clothes for a year. They’re going as Princess Leia and Han Solo. Yup, the “slave” costume. She must have had some more work since I saw her last. I mean, she’s in good shape for someone our age but for a gold bikini? And he’s no Harrison Ford – more like a cross between George Harrison and Yoda. Oh, well, they won’t be the only people making asses of themselves at that party. Oh, well. I’ll think of something. Or Gene will. He’s so excited to have the kids here and doing something special for the holiday. He drew the flyers for them and even paid to have them copied on the neon orange paper. Tomorrow I’m watching the shop all day so he can drive up all over the place sticking them up. He’s planning to go as far as Amagansett! I think he misses being young enough to train into the Village for the parade and stay out til dawn. It would mean a lot to him if we could make Arahmpett a Hallowe’en hotspot. Stranger things have happened, right? And it’s an innocent dream. Hmm, wonder if he’d want to go with me as Dorothy and the Wizard?

I don’t remember if I already wrote this (and I’m too lazy to go and look back at old blogs!), but I decided that this winter I’m going to finally clear out all those boxes I’ve been storing on the sunporch. Yes, finally! I’m no Farmer’s Almanac but I have this feeling it’s going to be a really bad winter, so I’m expecting to be stuck indoors a lot. That reminds me – I want to do a run to Trader Joe’s and stock up on their soups and some of those cool packaged things they have, like the Indian and Thai dinners. I better do a candle and battery run while I’m at it. Maybe pick up a few more pair of ski socks – when it gets really cold, there’s nothing like ‘em to keep the feet warm and if your feet are warm, you pretty much feel warm, at least I do. Anyway, I’m going to go through every damned box on that sunporch and be ruthless. Either I can use it – meaning it’s actually useful – or out it goes. Sentiment is not an option here. By the time May gets here, I want a nice empty sunporch, with a clean coat of paint and something comfy to sit on. Yes! You read it hear – I am so going to get this done!

But why am I rushing the season? I haven’t even gone pumpkin picking yet -- better not rain this weekend!

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